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Une application bien-être que toute l'équipe adore💙

Ludo est une application qui mobilise votre organisation sans effort additionnel.

Très cool comme concept! J’adore le côté ludique, les missions hebdo et les bonus! (52).pn
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Des clients de confiance
Ludo, c’est ludique

Ludo est le mot latin pour ludique. Le plaisir, c'est dans notre ADN!

Très cool comme concept! J’adore le côté ludique, les missions hebdo et les bonus! (57).pn

Nous offrons un service sur mesure qui

s'adapte à votre programme actuel

Très cool comme concept! J’adore le côté ludique, les missions hebdo et les bonus! (60).pn
Ludo, c’est inclusif

Notre application est conçue pour plaire à tous types de personnalité, autant les athlètes de haut niveau que les athlètes du dimanche.

Ludo mobilise votre équipe et stimule le bien-être au travail

Encore mieux, on s'occupe de tout!

Très cool comme concept! J’adore le côté ludique, les missions hebdo et les bonus! (27)_ed

”Quand j'ai vu les gros sourires de mes employés pendant leurs activités physiques, pour moi c'était mission accomplie!”


”J’ai rarement été aussi en forme, énergisé et motivé au travail. Je peux difficilement imaginer une meilleure façon pour optimiser la productivité et la cohésion d’une équipe.”


”L'application était moulée exactement de la façon que nous l'avions envisagé. C'était super!”

Notre service est
100% clé-en-main

Vous êtes occupés et on le sait… c’est pour ça qu’on s’occupe de tout. Tout ce qui vous reste à faire c'est de participer!

Très cool comme concept! J’adore le côté ludique, les missions hebdo et les bonus! (24)_ed
  • How to access the Ludo application?
    Ludo is a private application, we do not share any information with Apple or Android. To access it, the only way is to go to the following site: Once on the application, you can consult the tutorial to install the application on your cell phone.
  • What is Ludo App?
    We are a young start-up based in Montreal. Ludo is our application that helps mobilize employees by transforming physical activity into a collaborative game. Our fun application stimulates the working atmosphere and improves well-being. All in a 100% turnkey service. Our Ludo Challenge service promotes cohesion, well-being at work and team building.
  • Is there an application for computers?
    Yes, we have a web version and a mobile version, to promote inclusiveness as much as possible.
  • I searched for the app on the App Store and couldn't find it... is this normal?
    Yes it's normal! Our application is private and the only way to access it is by going on Once you are on the website, we will show you how to install the app on your cellphone, without giving your data to Apple or Android.
  • Who is responsible for answering questions from participating employees?
    We offer technical support and support for users throughout the challenge. It is possible to contact us by email or directly in the application. Not convinced? Try us out by sending us an email NOW at
  • How does a Ludo Challenge work?
    Our service is as turnkey as possible: 1. We provide you with all promotional documents and videos 2. Employees register directly on the app 3. We train the teams with our algorithm 4. Every week, we organize thematic missions for you 5. We take care of technical support with your team Our challenges usually last 4 weeks, but we can adjust the duration according to your preferences.
  • How long does a Ludo Challenge last?
    For a Challenge to be motivating, it must not be too short or too long! Too short and you won't have time to bond with colleagues. Too long and your team will be demotivated. From our experience, 4 weeks is the perfect length! We can obviously adjust your tailor-made route, if you prefer.
  • How does it work to form teams?
    Nobody likes making teams! That's why we created an algorithm that takes care of everything. It creates teams automatically and ensures that they are balanced according to the participants' profiles. The algorithm aims to mix people according to departments and level of sporting activity to create diverse and balanced teams. Subsequently, it is also possible for a participant to leave or join a team manually.
  • How does promotion work?
    At the start of the challenge, we will provide you with documents, emails and a video to simplify communication. We take care of promoting the challenge to your colleagues to ensure everyone is aware and understands how the challenge works. In the application, a tutorial allows new participants to understand how the challenge works and the rules.
  • What is a Ludo Challenge?
    Ludo Challenges are our classic sports and wellness challenges. Collaborate with your colleagues in a healthy and fun competition. We can tailor-make missions to suit your business needs. In a Ludo Challenge, you can challenge your colleagues with our inclusive point system, featuring over 100 different activities, from CrossFit to Gardening. There's something for everyone!
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